Terms Of Use

The present Terms Of Use are an agreement between you (as a user of the website or a customer) and airConcur, Inc. (“airConcur”) as operator of the website www.airConcur.com. The agreement regulates the terms under which airConcur offers the information, software and services on its website. The services of airConcur are only offered in cases where the customer has accepted the present Conditions of use.

  1. Your Agreement

    By visiting this Website or using the Service in any ways, you admit that you already read the Terms Of Use and agree to obey the Terms Of Use. If you do not agree with all the Terms Of Use without any condition, you have no right to use this Website or Service. In other words, the prerequisite of using the Service is your agreement with all the Terms Of Use.

  2. Change of Terms of Use

    airConcur reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change or modify any part of this Terms of Use at any time without prior notice. You should visit this page periodically to review the current Terms of Use to which you are bound. If airConcur changes or modifies this Terms of Use, airConcur will post the changes to or modifications of this Terms of Use on this page and will indicate at the top of this page the date on which this Terms of Use was last revised.Your continued use of this Website after any such changes or modifications constitutes your acceptance of the revised Terms of Use. If you do not agree to abide by the revised Terms of Use, do not use or access or continue to use or access this Website and/or the Services. It is your responsibility to regularly check this Website to ascertain if there are any changes to this Terms of Use and to review such changes.

    In addition, when using the Services, you shall be subject to any additional terms applicable to such Services that may be posted on the page relating to such Services from time to time and the privacy policy adopted by airConcur from time to time (“the Privacy Policy”). All such terms are hereby expressly incorporated by reference in this Terms of Use.

  3. Terms Of Use

    1. After the Client has accepted these Terms, airConcur agrees to deliver and the Client agrees to receive Eligibility Service and Information Service. By entering into an Agreement with airConcur and cooperative lawyer, the Client warrants that he/she is authorized and has legal capacity to enter into the Agreement on his/her own behalf and, where applicable, on behalf of his/her fellow passengers. By signing the Assignment Form or an Authority Document, the Client warrants that he/she is authorized and has legal capacity to sign the Assignment Form or an Authority Document on his/her own behalf and, where applicable, on behalf of his/her minor fellow passengers.
    2. The Client acknowledges that airConcur only seeks Flight Compensation. The Client agrees that airConcur will not accept travel vouchers and/or other services as Flight Compensation and that such offer from airlines will be considered as refusal of payment. The Client warrants that the Claim has not been assigned to third parties and no legal dispute is pending or expected between the Client and the airline in the same matter.
    3. After signing the power of attorney, the Client may not assign the Claim to any other party as the legal title to the claim has been assigned to airConcur. Any existing engagements or assignments, if any, must be cancelled before signing power of attorney and the relevant required documents. If the Client receives any direct payments or any other compensation from the airline concerned after entering into the Agreement, the Client shall be obliged to advise airConcur without delay. Such payments shall be considered Flight Compensation and entitle airConcur to its Service Fee. After signing the power of attorney, the Client is obliged to stop any negotiation with the airline and instructs airConcur to initiate and continue negotiations with the airline on behalf of the Client to ensure that airConcur achieves the best results.
    4. The Agreement terminates when:
      1. the Compensation has been paid in full to airConcur by the airline and the agreed part of the Compensation has been transferred to the Client after the deduction of all applicable fees. the Compensation has been paid in full to the Client by the airline and the Client has paid the airConcur Commission to airConcur.
      2. airConcur has established that the Claim should not be pursued after conducting an in-depth review of the case and has advised the Client that such Claim will not be pursued.

      once the agreement is terminated and customer would like to continue the claim processing; the application will be redirected to customer (applicant) who has to complete the claim themselves.

    5. If airConcur is required to cooperate with a third party in this case, the customer agrees with airConcur's agreement with the third party.
  4. airConcur Service

    1. airConcur represents the client to make a claim to the airlines based on EU 261/2004 and other terms related to airline passenger rights.The customer’s data can be transmitted via airConcur's website, mobile app (App), email, other electronic devices or software solutions.After receiving customer claims demand, airConcur will investigate to confirm flight information and data, once the assessments have the opportunity to make the claim, airConcur will notify the customer of its claim has been accepted, and require customers to sign the power of attorney and all other necessary documents . In order to make the claim successfully, airConcur requires the client to sign the necessary documents, including but not limited to the power of attorney, which can be sent by the customer via the website, mobile application (App), email or physical file.Upon receipt of the client's signing of the power of attorney and the relevant required documents, airConcur will sort out the claim documents and send them to the airline, and carry out the relevant claim process, including the payment after the successful claim.
    2. If the airline fails to communicate or pay for the flight within a reasonable period of time and indicates that there is sufficient reason for the refusal, airConcur may take legal action to file a claim.Please refer to the price list for related fees.The legal proceedings will be represented by the legal lawyer of airConcur and the legal lawyer of the third party partner. The client agrees airConcur and the legal lawyer of the third party partner to obtain the necessary information and legal representative, and allows and requires the representative to report all information to airConcur.If law enforcement authorities (such as courts, coordinating committees) need the consent form (power of attorney), authenticity information, audit court (COA) or other additional documents, the client agrees to sign the documents to make the claim process smoothly.If the customer has signed the above documents not provided by airConcur, airConcur may decide that the claim event is transferred to the customer and terminated. If airConcur and our partner lawyer, a legal lawyer of a third party, determine the possibility of a successful claim is low, the customer will be notified of this resolution and airConcur will stop all processes.
    3. When airConcur initiates a lawsuit with its cooperating attorney or agency for compensation, airConcur will be responsible for the costs incurred once the legal action fails.
    4. As the customer signs the consent form (authorization),it is to agreed that airConcur has the right on behalf of the customer to decide whether accept or decline any settlement proposal and airConcur is the only representative of the customer.When airConcur makes a claim on behalf of the client based on the consent form (authorization), the client agrees to authorize airConcur to accept or reject the settlement proposal based on airConcur’s experience with the airline and advice from the cooperative lawyers, and the third party agencies.
  5. Payment and commission

    1. airConcur initiates the claim process for free. Once airConcur successfully wins compensation from the airline, airConcur will charge from the final compensation according to the price list, and the compensation paid to the customer will also be based on the price list.
    2. If the Client has provided wrong or insufficient information needed to pay the Flight Compensation and it is returned to airConcur and the Client, after several reminders and reasonable endeavors from airConcur to contact the Client by other means than the email provided by the Client to airConcur, does not respond to correct or provide information needed to pay the agreed part of the Flight Compensation, airConcur shall be entitled to keep the part of the Flight Compensation that otherwise should have been transferred to the Client. When airConcur has paid the agreed Flight Compensation pursuant to the instruction of and method selection by the Client, airConcur shall not be liable for:
      1. checks, prepaid debit cards, credit cards and similar lost in transit to the Client;
      2. any effect of the Client giving wrong bank account information, wrong address or similar, including, but not limited to, the Flight Compensation being paid to the wrong receiver. If Flight Compensation at the fault of the Client has been paid to a wrong receiver, airConcur shall not be obligated to actively reclaim it or recover the compensation on behalf of the customers.
    3. No interest may be claimed for the period between the incoming and outgoing payments. airConcur reserves the right to retain any interest that has been recovered from the airline.
    4. we will not provide any hardcopy invoices of our services and flight compensation. all the invoices will be issued in electronic format and deliver via emails or other online platform.
    5. airConcur shall not be liable for any amount of compensation, damages or similar, if airConcur is prevented to transfer the payment to the Client by an event beyond its reasonable control, including without limitation, strike, lock-out, labor dispute, act of God, war, riot, civil commotion, malicious damage, compliance with a law or governmental order, rule, regulation or direction, accident, breakdown of plant or machinery, fire, flood and storm.
    6. Should the Compensation be received in full by the Client, the Client is obliged to transfer the airConcur commission upon request and without delays. If the Client receives any direct payments or any other compensation from the airline after entering into the agreement, the Client shall be obliged to advise airConcur without delay. The Client agrees not to charge back any credit card payments for services rendered. In the event that a Client files a charge back or other payment dispute, they will be considered to be in violation of the present Conditions of use and may be subject to collection action.
  6. Data Protection

    airConcur will primarily use the personal data provided by the Client for the purpose of delivering Eligibility Service, Information Service and Justice as a Service accordance with the Agreement. The Client provides airConcur with personal data under the General Data Protection Regulation or other data protection laws that may be applicable, with the explicit permission to process the personal data given and for the use thereof in the context of the Agreement. airConcur will only transfer the personal data to third parties under the conditions as listed below:
    1. if the Client has given consent;
    2. if it is for a purpose directly related to the original purpose for which the personal data was collected;
    3. if it is necessary for the preparation, negotiation and fulfilling the Agreement with the Client;
    4. if it is required due to legal obligation, administrative or court order;
    5. if it is required for the establishment or protection of legal claims or in defense of court actions;
    6. if it serves the prevention of misuse or other illegal activities, such as deliberate attacks, to ensure data security.
  7. Rights and obligations of the client

    On request by airConcur, the Client will provide airConcur with all data or information that is required for the execution of the Agreement. The Client warrants that the data and information provided is correct, complete and true. The Client agrees to fully indemnify airConcur in all respects for all third-party claims including, but not limited to, incorrect Client communications, provision of incorrect data/information and fraudulent conduct. In case of incorrect data/information and fraudulent conduct, airConcur reserves the right to terminate the Agreement with immediate effect. If the Agreement is terminated in accordance with this paragraph, the Client will not have any right to compensation of any kind.

  8. Revocation and cancellation policy

    Every client who has entered into an agreement with airConcur has the right of revocation of the services without the need to specify any reason within 14 days after the agreement has been concluded. The withdrawal can be sent to airConcur in any written form (letter, email) and does not need to be formal. The client has no right to rescission if the agreement has been fully performed by airConcur upon their express request before the client has exercised his/her right of rescission. If you need to revocate of the services, please send to support.sg@airconcur.com

  9. Final Provisions

    airConcur is authorized to alter these Terms and the Price List and to set forth additional conditions at any time and without notice. However, changes with a negative effect to the Client will not apply to the Client, unless the Client agrees to new changes. Should any provision of these Terms be or become void, illegal or unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions in any way whatsoever. Rights and obligations fully or partially related to any submitted Claim may be transferred without restrictions by airConcur to any entity within the corporate group and by airConcur to third parties.

The Chinese version of these Terms shall prevail in case of inconsistency to any other language version.
Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this website shall be governed and construed by the laws of the Republic of China, and shall be resolved by Taiwan Taipei District Court which serves as the court of first instance.

Privacy Policy

airConcur Inc view data privacy as a fundamental component of doing business. Our Privacy Statement and practices are focused on processing personal data appropriately and lawfully, while providing confidentiality, integrity and availability. This Privacy Statement represents the full online privacy policy applicable to our activities. The Privacy Statement explains the types of information we collect, how we use, share, and secure the information you provide. It also describes your choices regarding use, access and correction of your personal data. This Privacy Policy sets out the basis and terms upon which airConcur collects, processes, uses and/or discloses your information that is obtained from you when you access this Website and/or use the Services. Such information may include personal information relating to or linked to a specific individual such as name, residential address, telephone number, email address, travel document information or any such information we have requested and you have provided through this Website ('Personal Information'). By using the Services, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy. You shouldn’t use the Services if you don’t agree with this Privacy Policy or any other agreement that governs your use of the Services.

  1. Scope of Terms

    airConcur reserves the right to update, amend or modify the terms of this Privacy Policy or any part of it without prior notice, and your continued access of this Website or use of the Services signifies your acceptance of the updated, amended or modified Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to all the terms and conditions in this Privacy Policy and/or any subsequent updates, amendments or modifications thereto, you must stop accessing or otherwise using this Website and the Services.

    Accordingly, please visit this page if you wish to access and view the current version of this Privacy Policy.

  2. Collection of Information

    We may collect Personal Information about you that you provide to us while using this Website and information about how you use this Website including when you open your user account ('User Account'), visit this Website or make reservations for any intended Services or using the Services.

    1. Opening Your User Account
      When you open with us a User Account or amend any information of your User Account, we may collect your Personal Information, such as your name, email address, username, password and telephone number.
    2. Making Reservations for the Services or Using the Services
      1. When you visit this Website, make reservations for any intended Services or use the Services, we may collect and process certain information (which may contain your Personal Information or may contain non-personally identifiable information but nevertheless linked to your Personal Information) including but not limited to those set out below: Copies of correspondence (whether by e-mail, instant or personal messaging or otherwise) between you and us; and between you and the Operators;
      2. Details of your usage of this Website (including traffic data, location data and length of user sessions);
      3. Feedback on and responses to surveys conducted by airConcur relating to the Services and newsletters which may be published, circulated or distributed by airConcur;
      4. Information automatically collected and stored in our server or the server of our third party services provider by using or accessing to this Website (including the log-in name and password for your User Account, your computers Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type, browser information, pages visited, previous or subsequent sites visited).
  3. Storage of Information

    The Personal Information and other data we collect from you may be transferred to, processed, and stored in our servers or the servers of our third party services providers. Your Personal Information will be stored as long as is necessary to fulfil any of the purposes described in this Privacy Policy, or to comply with any contractual or legal requirement.

    airConcur will use reasonable endeavours to maintain appropriate physical, electronic and organisational procedures to ensure that your Personal Information and other data is treated securely and in accordance with this Privacy Policy, and to protect such data against unauthorized access or unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of data.

    Once we have received your information, we will use strict procedures and security features to try to prevent unauthorized access. airConcur does not give any representation, warranty or undertaking that the Personal Information you provide to us will be secure at all times, and to the extent airConcur has fulfilled its obligations under no circumstances shall airConcur be responsible for any losses, damages, costs and expenses which you may suffer or incur arising from unauthorised access to or use of your Personal Information.

    All payment transactions carried out by us or our chosen third-party provider of payment processing services will be encrypted using online encryption technology. You are responsible for keeping your chosen password confidential and not to share your password with any third party.

    This website makes use of cookies, which are text files containing small amounts of information and which are stored on a visitor’s device. Visitors may opt to refuse cookies by adjusting browser settings to a high level of privacy. However, the refusal of cookies may disable some functions of this website.

  4. Usage of Information

    airConcur will not sell or rent your Personal Information to third parties.

    airConcur will use Personal Information and other data collected through this Website or when making purchases for the Services to create your User Account, to provide you with the Services, to continually improve this Website and the Services, and to contact you in relation to the Services.

    Improving this Website and the Service implies that we use your Personal Information or such other data to achieve faster purchase requests, better customer support and to provide you with timely notice of new Services and special offers.

    From time to time, we may also make use of your Personal Information to contact you for feedback on your use of this Website, to assist us in improving this Website, or to offer special savings or promotions to you, where you have indicated your consent to receiving such communications. If you would prefer not to receive notices of special savings or promotions, you may simply opt-out from receiving them by replying to us through the hyperlink provided in these notices.

  5. Disclosure of Information

    We may from time to time share and disclose your Personal Information and other data to third parties, some of whom may be located outside your home country. The circumstances under which such sharing and disclosure will take place may include without limitation, the following:

    1. To successfully complete your reservations or otherwise implement our Terms of Use;
    2. If you are a visitor, we may share to the relevant Operator in connection;
    3. If you are an Operator, to any visitor in connection with the Services you are offering;
    4. To our third party service providers (including Google Analytics), which we engage amongst others for the performance of certain services on our behalf, such as web hosting services, data analysis, marketing, market research, and to otherwise provide you with customer service;
    5. If and to the extent required by any applicable law, order of court or requests by any governmental authority to make such disclosure;
    6. Besides, in case of a corporate transaction, in connection with the sale, merger, acquisition, or other corporate reorganization or restructuring of our corporation, your Personal Information may be disclosed, shared or transferred to the new controlling entity or its authorised third party for carrying on our business;
    7. To our advisors, agencies or other parties concerned in order to protect the rights and property of airConcur;
    8. In any other case, to any third parties with your prior written consent (and in which case we will make it possible for you to withdraw your consent as easily as it was to provide consent).

    There may be links present on this Website which could result in you leaving this Websites and/or being taken to other third party websites. You should note that any Personal Information that you provide to these third party websites are not subject to this Privacy Policy, and airConcur is not liable for any losses, damages, costs or expenses which you may suffer or incur in connection with you providing or making available Personal Information or other data to such third party websites.

  6. Data access and correction

    You may at all times access, correct or erase your Personal Information through this Website via the user portal, under “My Account”. Alternatively, you may make your data access, correction or erasure request by sending your request by email at support.sg@airconcur.com.

  7. Enquiries

    If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us by email at support.sg@airconcur.com.

Last updated on 2018/10/29