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for flight delay or cancellation.

In the past 5 years, if you have encountered delayed, cancelled or denied boarding,
you are entitled up to a maximum of 600 Euros for compensation.
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Maximum of compensation up to 600 Euros

Risk-free, Stress-free and No burden!

  • Check Compensation

    Check Compensation

    Provide us with your flight information, we will verify and confirm if you are eligible for the claim and the estimated amount of compensation for you.

  • Keep calm and relax~

    Keep calm and relax~

    Need not have to worry about the compensation status, take it easy and wait patiently.

  • Getting the compensation that you truly deserved

    Getting the compensation that you truly deserved

    "We will update the progress on a regular basis and strive for the most favorable compensation for you.

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Why choose airConcur?

  • No Win No Fee

    If we do not get compensation for your flight delay, you do not have to pay any fees to us.

  • We will bear the 100% risk for you.

    If the airline refuses to pay compensation, we will take them to the court.

  • Maximum of compensation up to 600 Euros

    Passengers whom choose airConcur, gets an average of 400 Euros in compensation.

  • Provide you the information for your rights

    All the nescessary information on airConcur is FREE!

Know your rights

8 million people worldwide are qualify for a claim, and only 2% of these people know they have the right to claim for their compensation. We will organize the complex regulations into an easy-to-understand way so that all travelers can easily understand their rights and knowing how to respond.

  • Delay

  • Cancellation

  • Missed connecting

  • Denied Boarding

Flight delays do not mean that we have to accept it. The EU enacted a regulation relating to the air passenger rights in 2004, with the regulation number 261/2004, which enforce the airlines to compensate the passengers up to 600 Euros, including but not limited to flights delays, flight cancellations and refusal of boarding. The reasons for the delay are quite complex and diverse at times. Different factors will determine whether the eligibility and compensation amount are met, so please read on to understand your rights!

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